Super Simple Mothers Day Card


Forget dashing into the card shop to buy a Mothers Day card. Mummies (Or Grandmothers) will love this beautiful hand print card made by their little ones- with some help from Daddy of course!

You will need:

  • A4 Card
  • Paint in a selection of colours
  • Paintbrush


Simply, fold the card in half. Paint your child’s hand and help them to create a hand print (ideally with fingers closed) onto the front of the card.

Next, repeat this with one or two other colours- with each hand print being  a flower.

Then, help your child (and by help we mean support- not do it for them!) to paint a green stem onto the bottom of each hand print flower.

Finally, either print out a ‘Happy Mothers Day’ sign or simply use a marker pen and write it on there. Older children will be able to write it on themselves and add to the homemade charm.


About the author:

Amanda is the founder of Little Squigglers and now also of Little Squigglers Franchise Ltd. An ex Primary School teacher and mother of two, Amanda is passionate about the development and creativity of children.
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