Here at Little Squigglers we chat to lots of people every week about our franchise, unfortunately most of those are not the people we are looking for!

A good indication of the right franchisee is the type of questions they ask. Asking tons and tons of questions is a great sign and shows us that a potential franchisee is a serious candidate.

Here’s our top 10 most frequently asked questions- and our answers!

Will this fit into my family life?

Running a business isn’t easy and takes a lot of drive and commitment. We look for franchisees who have a full time attitude BUT you are free to organise your own diary. You plan your class times to fit in with your own life. This might be to allow you to do the school run every day, or to have days off in the week to spend with younger children. You can make the business work around your life because you have the freedom to decide HOW to do that.

Could I run this business with a friend?

Absolutely! Buying a franchise as a partnership can be a fantastic way to split both the cost and the workload. The initial franchise costs stays the same, the fees stay the same but there are two of you to split the hours worked. Of course, you would need an excellent relationship with anyone you went into business with and have the same goals for growing the business.

How much can I earn?

This really is a how long is a piece of string question! The earning potential of ANY business comes down to the effort put in and the hours worked. Would you be running the business completely alone or will you employ people to run classes for you? How many classes per week do you intend to run? Will you be taking on other aspects of the business such as after school clubs or birthday parties? As part of our recruitment process we provide financial projections which shown the types of figures you could expect to earn for each aspect of the business to enable you to see potential earnings.

Do I need a background in childcare or education?

Not at all. Though a background in childcare could be beneficial it isn’t a pre-requisite for our franchisees. The most important thing we look for in our franchisees is personality- parents and children have got to be able to warm to you and enjoy coming to your classes. If you can turn on the CBeebies presenter charm then we can teach you the rest!

How much do you charge for classes?

We believe it is important our franchisees have full ownership over their own business, especially when it comes to things such as financial margins. We advise our franchisees on how much to charge for their classes, however ultimately each franchisee is free to make their own pricing decisions. You will need to take into account the prices charged in your local area for similar activities and the costs of hall hire you would be paying.

What exactly do you get for the franchise cost?

We love this question! The majority of the start up cost of this franchise covers the HUGE starter kit which is included. You get EVERYTHING you need to start toddler classes from the moment you finish training. From big items such as water trays and tables to the small items such as glitter and glue you get absolutely everything you need to run a full year of toddler classes. On top of that you also get marketing materials (such as leaflets, flyers and banners), uniform, merchandise and much much more.

The cost doesn’t just cover the start up kit, of course, it also covers all the training and support to get your business started and successful from day 1.

Does it cost more to include the other revenue streams?

No! The initial franchise cost allows you to provide toddler classes, after school clubs, holiday sessions, birthday parties AND events without any additional start up costs. You will be fully trained in all aspects of the business BUT there is no obligation to include all revenue streams in your business.

Do I have to work a certain number of hours?

We don’t put any set hours of work on our franchisees, but we do ask that a minimum turnover amount is met each month. The business is so flexible that how you meet that target is up to you. You can meet the turnover just through toddler sessions during the week, you may choose to do less toddler sessions and boost the turnover with after school clubs and birthday parties. The important thing is that support is on hand to help you decide how best to increase your turnover within the hours you choose to work.

When and where does training take place?

The where is easy- all our training takes place at our Head Office and flagship franchise in Bury St Edmunds. The when is pretty flexible. As a smaller franchise company we are able to choose training dates which work for our new franchisees. We do 5 days of training, this can be done all in one week or spread over 2 or 3 weeks. We can even offer some of the training over weekends too.

What support is there available?

We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer. We provide regular calls, emails and visits to help keep you supported throughout the life of your business. There is top of training, marketing toolkits, and so much more to help you make the most of your business.  The support isn’t just from Head Office though. Our network of franchisees are fantastic and are a great help to one another. We have an online forum where questions can be answered in an instant, regular online catch ups with other franchisees and a real sense of teamwork. With a Little Squigglers franchise you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. In fact we have recently been shortlisted for most supportive franchisor in the Top Franchise Awards.


Little Squigglers is currently looking for new franchisees across the East of England and beyond. If you’re interested to find out more then contact