Super Simple Christmas Card Craft


Everyone loves a homemade Christmas card, right? This card project is so simple you can very quickly make enough cards with your toddler or child for all those special people. It’s a versatile craft too- no need to recreate exactly what you see here- just use the resources you have to hand.

You will need:


  • Green paper or card
  • Card
  • Selection of stickers
  • Sequins or gems
  • Glue
  • Paint


First, cut the green paper into triangles. Older children may like to do this themselves. We used different shades of green but it would still be effective with just one shade- though of course you don’t need to limit yourself to green!


Next is the really fun bit! Give children anything you like to decorate the ‘trees’ with. We used sequins, glitter paint and stickers. I think these very simple stickers (from Wilkosby the way) look very effective. The beauty of this is you can use whatever you have to hand or very cheaply purchase materials. If you are using sequins you will probably find PVA glue your best option to glue then securely to the card.


You can have fun here, let the children decorate in their own unique style! Toddlers can be let loose with stickers, paints and sequins and just ‘slap it on’, but older children will take more care and think about patterns etc.

Finally, once the trees are dried simple glue a selection to the front of your card. We used white A4 card which we folded in half but you can also very cheaply buy pre-folded cards which come with envelopes too. Have fun with it and Merry Christmas!




About the author:

Amanda is the founder of Little Squigglers and now also of Little Squigglers Franchise Ltd. An ex Primary School teacher and mother of two, Amanda is passionate about the development and creativity of children.
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