Today, the pressure on parents when hosting a children’s birthday party can be enormous, especially with the tendency to try and “outperform” every party around them!

From commercial parties to a more hands-on home-based style of party (especially craft and activity-based parties), parents can be letting themselves in for a high anxiety high stress time.

Bearing all of this in mind, there are a few simple guidelines that can help out those about to potentially sacrifice their sanity:


  • Outsource wherever you can but still keep it personal to the guest of honour. Don’t go it alone – get professional help especially for the activities.
  • Create a guest list that works for YOU (accept in advance that without hiring something the size of the Royal Albert Hall, you can’t please everyone).
  • Remember that the party is important to your child so to avoid disappointment, include them all the way through the planning stage.
  • Don’t compete with other parties wherever possible. Don’t try to outdo everyone else (it’s not about you) and try to select a day when half your child’s friends have not already been invited elsewhere.
  • Be prepared for extra guests – this includes a few over-protective parents and siblings too.
  • Eliminate the need for expensive Party Favours by hosting an activity and / or creative party where the children will be creative making something of their own and far more memorable, to take back home. Honestly most parents HATE all the plastic bits that come home in traditional party bags!
  • Get the invites out in plenty of time. Be sure to include– who’s party, (honestly we have had in invite before which didn’t say who the party was for!), the venue, date, start and end times and your phone number. Find out Allergies and food intolerances / dietary requirements. For your own sanity include an RSVP date!
  • If the party is activity / themed / craft based then try to make the invitation and decorations reflect this.
  • Pick a team to run the activities who are experienced professionals and who can customise the activities, art, or perhaps messy play to suit the guest of honours requirements.
  • Most importantly remember this is creating memories for your child. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 friends round for a birthday tea and a cake from Asda or the whole class to a professional extravaganza- just make sure it is FUN for the most important person of all!