Paper Plate Gruffalo Craft

Oh Help! Oh No! It’s a Gruffalo!   We love a paper plate craft here at Little Squigglers, and this is one of our favourites! So easy and fun to produce, and always looks like a Gruffalo- however unique! You will need: Paper plate per child (obviously!) Brown Paint Paint brush PVA Glue Gre

8 Simple Paper Plate Crafts For Toddlers

8 Simple Paper Plate Crafts For Toddlers   Ok, if you’ve clicked on this link then my guess is you either work with or have your own toddlers or young children- or maybe both? Well in that case you will know that toddlers are no perfect (unless you’re lucky enough to have found one

Super Simple Mothers Day Card

Super Simple Mothers Day Card   Forget dashing into the card shop to buy a Mothers Day card. Mummies (Or Grandmothers) will love this beautiful hand print card made by their little ones- with some help from Daddy of course! You will need: A4 Card Paint in a selection of colours Paintbrush &nbs

Paper Plate Flying Saucer

Ok, so technically this is a paper BOWL flying saucer but this is the most super cute (and super easy!) craft. This is perfect for toddlers to complete with support or older children to have fun working on more independently.   You will need: Paper Bowl Paint- we love glitter paint for this cra

Super Simple No Cook Playdough Recipe

There are loads and loads of different playdough recipes out there with many different techniques. Having tried it once I have never understood why anyone would make playdough in a pan on the hob! Even the microwave method seems too much like hard work, so here is the method we use here at Little Sq

Super Simple Christmas Card Craft

Super Simple Christmas Card Craft   Everyone loves a homemade Christmas card, right? This card project is so simple you can very quickly make enough cards with your toddler or child for all those special people. It’s a versatile craft too- no need to recreate exactly what you see here- ju