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As a Primary school teacher Autumn term often included an ‘All about me’ topic. So I thought it was a good time to properly introduce  myself to you all.

My name is Sam, I am 35 next month ☹ I am married to Andrew, and a mum to 3 Little Squigglers of my own: Serafina (47 months old) Lorelei (33 months old) and Aurelia (17 months old) I am now 10 months into my journey as Little Squigglers Peterborough,  and I am part of a team of Little Squigglers franchisees.

My passions in life are my family, arts, crafts and educating. I think my business and my social media accounts reflect this. I have made a conscious choice to include my daughters in my business. After all they were the reason I started my Little Squigglers journey!

For several reasons I decided to move away from my career as a primary school teacher. I wanted a ‘job’ that would fit around my family. What I have found is a ‘business’ that has inspired me during a time when I was feeling lost as  a mum. Having 3 children under 3 was a rollercoaster journey that continues to defeat me from time to time. In my role as Little Squigglers Peterborough I can explore, create and enjoy as a mum, teacher and as myself.

My aim with my blog and social media accounts is to help inspire, educate and support parents in their journey with their own Little Squigglers. You will see a variety of posts aimed at parents with toddlers, pre school children and Primary school aged children.

The Autumn term of Little Squigglers sees the launch of After School Workshops for Primary school children, a new term of toddler and pre school classes (including monthly Saturday Specials) and a range of Little Squigglers parties including one for Serafina and one for Lorelei. I am also really excited to be offering a range of Halloween and Christmas workshops… More details coming soon!

Follow me on my journey as Little Squigglers Peterborough on facebook, instagram and through my blog posts 😊

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