Ok, so technically this is a paper BOWL flying saucer but this is the most super cute (and super easy!) craft. This is perfect for toddlers to complete with support or older children to have fun working on more independently.


You will need:

  • Paper Bowl
  • Paint- we love glitter paint for this craft
  • PVA Glue
  • Sequins and/or gems
  • Paper scraps

Optional: Wool/String to hang

To make:

First remember to turn the bowl upside down!! Then let children paint the paper plate any way they choose! Younger children will slap it on anyway they like- and there’s NOTHING wrong with that! Older children may choose to paint with more precision and/or patterns.

Embellish the flying saucer with sequins, gems and paper pieces. Let children get creative here! They may want to decorate it as having windows, lights or anything else that takes their fancy. After all- who really knows what a flying saucer looks like??!

To really make your saucer fly use a sharp implement (skewer, pencil etc) to make a small hole in the top and thread through a length of wool or string. Attach the wool to the hand of a small child and watch it fly!!!!

**We obviously don’t mean to LITERALLY attach it to the child’s hand!!**

How to jazz it up a bit:


The above instructions will make a pretty basic and easy flying saucer. You could jazz the basic design up by first gluing a paper plate onto the base of the bowl  before painting and embellishing as above.

paper plate flying saucer