You may have seen our recent post of 8 Simple Paper Plates Crafts for Toddlers. Well here are some more paper plate ideas, this time with an Easter twist.

There’s a nice, long Easter weekend coming up soon, lasting from 25 to 28 March. That’s plenty of time for you to enjoy scoffing choccie eggs with your kids! However, for a more creative pursuit that’s also kinder on your waistline, have you considered making paper plate masks with an Easter theme? Here are some ideas ahead of the big weekend.

Show me the bunny!

What is an Easter-themed paper plate mask supposed to look like? Okay, so maybe the word “supposed” is inappropriate in an article encouraging creativity and imagination. But, nonetheless, your mind has probably already conjured up the image of a mask resembling a cute, fluffy bunny face. And, yes, you can make such a mask for real.

To get started, you should gather your resources- we’ve used pipe cleaners, lolly stick, cotton wool, felt tip and PVA glue. Oh, and – of course – paper plates, each with the centre cut out. We cut our ears out of the card left over from the centre of the plates. But an alternative is to print out the bunny ears and teeth, as seen here on Learning 4 Kids’ blog.

Tape the ears, lolly sticks and pipe cleaners onto the back of the plate and glue the teeth on the front. Then, stretch and pull the cotton wool and glue to the plate to add some fluffy loveliness! Finally, leave the masks to dry.

Bunnies aren’t the only Easter anima

Making a bunny mask with your kids can certainly be a lot of fun, but bunnies aren’t the only animals strongly associated with Easter. Lambs and sheep, for example, also fit in with the theme – and, indeed, the warm and sunny Spring period in general.

If you’ve read our instructions for making a bunny paper plate mask, you might already think you know how to make a sheep or lamb paper plate mask – but wait! We don’t want you to make a baaa-d one. (Sorry, we just had to fit that terrible pun in somewhere.) Therefore, we’ve decided to provide some precise instructions for making such a mask.

You wool be delighted by how easily these masks can be made

What supplies should you collect for making a lamb mask? Specifically: PVA glue, black paint, cotton wool and a lolly stick. Oh, and a large paper plate for each mask.

Much the same as with the bunny masks, start by cutting out the centre of the plate and glue on some cotton wool. For the lambs we liked keeping the wool in tighter balls- it does use more but adds to the effect! Again using the left over card from the centre of the plate, cut out some ear shapes and paint them black. Leave them to dry and then tape them onto the back of the plate, along with the lolly stick as the handle. An alternative lamb and sheep mask can be seen here, which may be more suitable for older children.

With both these masks you could attach the elastic to enable the mask to be worn. Then… you or your child can wear it! We at Little Squigglers can provide suitable opportunities for crafts like these with your kids.