Hello everyone!


This week we went for a Teddy Bears’ picnic in our sessions and what fun we had! As well as exploring all our themed messy play stations, we made some lovely crafts. There was a paper plate watermelon, a beautiful handprint wood and then of course, a beautifully painted teddy bear!


The paint we used was a little different this week, as it had a very special ingredient to make the paint textured and appear ‘furry’. It would be super simple to make at home and us tired mummies and daddies will jump at the chance of doing the prep to make it…


How come you ask? We mixed our paint with coffee grounds! Mixing the paint with dried out coffee grounds gives it a fantastic texture and makes the paint lumpy and bumpy – just like a real teddy! And did someone say an excuse for coffee? Perfect!



What you will need to make your bear:



  • Teddy bear shape cut from thick paper
  • Brown paint
  • Black paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Buttons
  • Eye stickers
  • Dried coffee grounds
  • Glue

Note: If you have coffee grounds at home – fantastic – after they have been used, just spread them out somewhere to dry and ta-da! they are all ready to use. If you don’t, your friendly coffee shop will often have used grounds in the shop, which are free for people to take. They are excellent for the garden as well apparently!


How to make your bear:


  1. Mix some brown paint with a spoonful of coffee grounds. Don’t put too much coffee in or your paint will solidify (talking from experience!) You only need a small amount to make the perfect furry paint.
  2. Paint your bear with the brown coffee paint


3. Stick some buttons (or anything you like) on the bear’s tummy

4. Add some eye stickers

5. Use the black paint to add a nose and a mouth


Your bear is complete!


Here are our three beautiful bears! Perfect for bringing along to the picnic.



Have fun!

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