Explore – Create – Enjoy – with a Little Squigglers After School Club!

After School Club

A Little Squigglers after school club is about fun, creativity, exploring new materials and new techniques in art and craft-based activities.

Fun in a caring and secure environment

Our after school clubs take place within a caring and secure environment (usually within schools) where the children will learn a variety of techniques, explore different art styles, create fabulous works of art and, of course – have lots of fun.

The after school sessions include opportunities to take part in larger projects which build over a number of weeks as well as smaller projects too.

As well as the fun of participation, the after school art and craft activities will see children flourish, with our encouragement helping them to gain both confidence and self-esteem.

Sessions over a half term will be linked together and build on each other to develop children’s knowledge of exciting art techniques and the chance to experience the work of a variety of artists.

Inspiring your child

Every session of the Little Squigglers after school club is designed to include a wide range of techniques, materials, tools and, above all, creative ideas. The clubs will allow children to explore their creative side without parents and carers having to worry about where they are or even clearing up the mess afterwards!

We understand that not every one of us can become a famous artist but art can enhance and develop so many of a child’s abilities, such as:

Communication through visual expression
Asserting their individuality
Refining hand-eye coordination
Problem solving
Experiencing sensory pleasure by working with different media
Experiencing pride in accomplishment
Working towards goals
If you are interested in building on your schools provision for after
school activities CONTACT US to see how we can help!

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